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The people, tools & techniques of wood fire cooking 

-Handcrafted Videos-

est. 2018




I love cooking the primitive way, with wood and I've been captivated by it since I was a boy, all thanks to my dad and our time spent around a campfire. 

In the early 1990's, a cowboy and friend of the family introduced me to Texas brisket and that "wow moment" experience sent me on a path that I'm still on today.  

From those early inspirations to present day, I enjoy incorporating slow, seasoned cook wood with nearly every food group.  Cooking with wood also inspired me to begin making cooking tools such as Primitive Pits (established 2015), Workhorse Pits (established 2019).  In 2022, we launched American Cook Wood which slow dries and seasons cook wood.

Follow along with the Youtube channel as I navigate through the people, tools and technique of wood fire cooking.  The channel is a hodge podge of guest interviews, topics I find relevant around commercial and backyard cooking, and some helpful insights I've picked up along the way. #quelife

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